US schools encouraged to recycle cans

The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), a trade association that represents the can manufacturing industry and its suppliers in the US, has announced the launch of a school recycling campaign.

Hundreds of schools across the US are being encouraged to recycle millions of beverage cans in a nationwide effort to raise thousands of dollars for local charities.

The Third Annual Great American Can Roundup School Challenge, which begins on 15 November, will coincide with America Recycles Day.

It educates students about the importance and benefits of recycling cans. Participating schools are rated on a comparison between the pounds of cans recycled and the number of enrolled students. CMI awards $1,000 per state to the school recycling the most beverage cans per capita and an additional $5,000 to the national recycling champion school.

“The can is America’s most recycled package. Each year, the US recycles more than 61 billion aluminium cans,” says CMI president Robert Budway. “We hope this campaign inspires school children to incorporate recycling into their daily lives and pass the message along to their family and friends.”

Last year, more than 790 schools from all 50 states representing more than 66,000 students competed in the contest. Participating schools recycled more than 4.5 million aluminium beverage cans. The recycled cans, totalling more than 131,180 pounds, generated more than $65,500 for school activities and other uses.

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