Aerosol recycling rates rise

The aerosol industry is claiming a new milestone in sustainability after new figures showed recycling rates were on the rise.

According to a new survey, which polled 1000 adults, of the 70% of the British population who buy or use aerosols 73% are recycling the cans.

The work was carried out by the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) and shows the industry has come a long way.

BAMA says 18 years ago only 7% of local authorities included aerosols in recycling scheme, today, in part through the association’s campaign for change, ┬ámore than 87% now accept empty cans, but this still leaves work to do says BAMA.

The survey also reveals women buy slightly more aerosols (53%) than men (47%).

The 35 to 54 age group are the most enthusiastic recyclers, making up nearly 40% of those aerosol buyers or users who recycle empty cans.

Unsurprisingly, the research found the most recycled products are personal care aerosols. Asked about the number of empty aerosols they recycled, half the respondents said they recycled between one to five products every three months.

However, there is still room for further improvement on the recycling front as 80% of those buying or using aerosols, who don’t recycle, said they simply didn’t know how.

Dr John Morris, BAMA’s Chief Executive, says: “It’s very rewarding to see our efforts, by creating campaigns, via retailers, the media, consumers and Local Authorities, are working. We have been able to create a momentum for recycling aerosols.

“Almost 30,000 tonnes of reclaimable metal are used in aerosols sold in the UK each year. This means empty aerosol recycling makes a valuable contribution to meeting local authorities’ required reduction in landfill.”

By Luke Walsh


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