Michelin starred chef launches canned cook book

Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna’s latest title Everyone Can Cook shows how canned food can be Michelin standard.

Published by Om Books International and backed by can maker Hindustan Tin Works in association with The Flying Saucer Café launched published by Om Books International.

Everyone Can Cook was launched recently in New Delhi to offer simple philosophy inspired by the idea of touching lives through food Chef Vikas Khanna’s (pictured centre at the launch) who won a Michelin star for his restaurant Junoon last year.

The book is his ode to those visionaries who took the first step towards preserving the goodness of nature in a can so that it can reach kitchens and tables across the world, even during emergencies, and nurture appetites and souls.

Sanjay Bhatia managing director of Hindustan Tin Works said, “We are very pleased to announce the formal launch of our prestigious project Everyone Can Cook by the Michelin starred chef Vikas Khanna.
“This is another mile stone towards promotion of canned food.

“While on one hand this will help consumers to understand the benefits and the application of the fresh and nutritious canned food, on the other, this will help the consumers prepare delicious and convenient recipes made from canned products.”

Ajay Mago, publisher of Om Books International added, “Everyone Can Cook is not just a book for us; it is a personal belief that we religiously follow with varying results of course.

“Today when I think ‘can’, I think of the plethora of responsibilities it needs to fulfil from the most light-hearted and frothy to the most noble.”

Hindustan Tin Works conceptualised and sponsored the project to promote canned food and recycling of used cans.

The company is also committed to contributing a percentage of sales towards improving the lives of rag pickers who collect cans from the waste on the ground to be recycled.

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