Online design portal and can catalogue launched

Rexam, one of the leading global beverage can makers, has launched an online design portal that aims to support its customers in obtaining the best printed design for their cans.

The recently launched portal is accompanied by a new Global Can Catalogue that provides customers with an overview of Rexam’s extensive range of cans, Fusion aluminium bottles and ends. Both the portal and the catalogue are designed to ensure that Rexam’s customers have the information they require in an easily accessible format, helping them to develop the desired packaging for their product.

The online design portal is being launched in two parts: the first, now live, includes information on the print processes on Rexam’s cans. Visitors can download design templates for every Rexam product, as well as a checklist to guide them through can design development. The second stage, which will be live later in the year, will concentrate on the content of the design, from information and guidelines for QR codes to special printing finishes, text sizes and colour.

Paul Winwright, European customer service manager, comments, “Stage one is up and running and feedback is very positive. We are now looking forward to the second stage being live and available to our customers. When fully launched, it will be a truly unique service which – whilst aimed at all Rexam customers – is likely to be of most use to our small to medium-sized customers, many of whose design agencies are new to can printing.”

The catalogue is available to view at and showcases the company’s entire beverage can range. The site offers improved user experience with enhanced navigation, and also incorporates an interactive map that allows users to select a region, taking them to the specified sector product range. Portuguese and Spanish translations of Rexam’s Beverage Can South America catalogue will be available soon.

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