Rexam showcase circular economy initiative

A circular economy is regenerative in its design and is considered to be at the heart of the future ‘resource efficiency’ agenda, according to Rexam.

The beverage can maker has created a unique infographic with engaging illustrations, which highlights the three key stages of beverage cans within the circular economy – manufacturing, consumption and recycling. It showcases the infinite recycling potential of the beverage can and its resource efficiency credentials.

John Revess, director of sustainability at Rexam, said: “We are living with linear economic systems inherited from the last century where we take something out of the ground, make something out of it – as efficiently as possible – but ultimately, we throw it away and attempt to recycle what we can. As a company that makes more than 60 billion cans a year (which are effectively single serve packaging units), we have a responsibility to ensure that we use materials that deliver a strong sustainability performance and support a circular economy. Global recycling rates for drinks cans are already around 70%, making them the most recycled type of beverage packaging. This has created a 2.5 million tonne market for used beverage cans, worth around £2.5bn, which supports the livelihoods of thousands of people. Rexam is committed to increasing the recycling rate further in order to help close the material loop.”

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