Let’s can hunger

During Ball Corporation’s 2015 “Let’s Can Hunger” food drive, the company’s North American employees donated more than 170,000 pounds of canned food and raised more than $215,000 in monetary contributions.


Ball donates $4 million to charities

The Ball Foundation, Ball Corporation and its employees donated in excess of $4 million to charitable organisations in the communities where Ball operates in 2014. The company’s employee matching gifts and dollars for doers programme grew in 2014 to $2.1 million (up from $1.4 million in 2013). Employees also logged nearly 18,000 hours of volunteer […]

Alu cans still top sustainable choice

Aluminium cans are the most recycled and recyclable beverage container on the market and they are becoming even more sustainable according to a report by environmental research firm PE International. The report updates a prior life cycle assessment study released in 2010, and shows that an aluminium can made in the US and Canada today: […]


CCL to close aerosol plant in Ontario

Packaging company CCL Industries is to permanently close its Canadian aerosol manufacturing operation, commencing in the first half of 2014 and completing no later than mid-2015. Geoffrey T. Martin, president and CEO of the company, says, “It is with great regret that we are announcing this news. Our operation in Ontario now exports its entire […]

Cans with embossed touch design

The Bavaria brewery from the Netherlands is to launch 8.6 Black, a dark version of its classic Bavaria 8.6 beer on the African market. The 50 cl cans, designed with an embossed touch process, are made by Ball Packaging. 8.6 Black is the latest addition to the 8.6 range from tradition-steeped Dutch brewers Bavaria. The […]

Hot sodas planned for Japan

Hot sodas are on the radar for at least two fillers in Japan this winter. Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. and Kirin Beverage Co. have both revealed plans to release hot canned drinks in time for Japan’s winter season. The drinks will be fizzy and non-alcoholic and are aimed at boosting sales during the colder months when […]

Canada’s first vented beer can

Canadians will get their first vented beer can after can maker Crown unveiled a new design. Budweiser began a pilot of vented end last month and two of Canada’s top selling brands Coors Light and Molson Canadian. The vented end features a dual aperture opening, meaning it has two holes rather than the one hole […]

UK brewer claims first micro-canning line

Camden Town Brewery has claimed to the be the first craft brewer in the UK to install a micro-canning line. The brewer, based in north London, is remaining pretty tight lipped about can sizes but hopes to begin production in June. What has been revealed is that the line is made by Cask Brewing Systems […]

Cans cleared in lead poisoning mystery

Lead poisoning from poorly made cans didn’t wipe out an expedition of Arctic explorers more than 150-years-ago, according to new research. Franklin’s lost expedition was an ill-fated British expedition of 128 men onboard two ships led by Captain Sir John Franklin (pictured) that left England in 1845 and never returned. The accepted theory had been […]

Recall for loose seal tuna cans

A fault in seal tightness has forced one of North America’s largest producers of canned seafood into a voluntary recall of some of its tuna cans. The recall of specific codes of five-ounce chunk white albacore and chunk light tuna products is, the company says, because the cans do not meet its standards for seal […]


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