World Cup fever

With the football World Cup in South Africa now just over two weeks away, most of the staff at Bell are starting to get excited about the possibility of England lifting the famous trophy for only the second time in our history. Obviously we’re just praying none of our games goes to penalties.

As the organiser of our office sweepstake I was delighted when I pulled out Italy, although it didn’t take long before the cries of ‘fix’ were ringing round the office.

I also pulled out Denmark and can assure you all that it wasn’t, although I did wonder how closely my colleagues were watching me when our art editor pulled out Brazil at the first attempt.

When I refer to most of the staff getting behind England, let me be more specific. Suzanne Christiansen, the CanTech International editor, is an American and we also have a Dane amongst us, so they are getting behind their respective countries. Fair enough I suppose.

Anyway, it is interesting to see how many companies are releasing World Cup related products. In the metal packaging world, we have reported on Ball Packaging Europe developing original designed cans for Hasseröder, Jim Beam and the Oettinger brewery for the World Cup. For more on this see the new products section of our latest issue.

Crown and SABMiller have also teamed up to launch a new can for the World Cup. Stay at home drinking will clearly increase during the tournament, which can only be a good thing for can makers and suppliers. And with that it can only be time to get behind Italy, I mean England…

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