Hello from Australia!

Fellr passionfruit brewed alcoholic seltzer in the foreground with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

Image: Alex Rivers

Writing this from my sister-in-law’s balcony that overlooks miles of hinterland (not to make anyone jealous) is very surreal and makes me grateful for remote working at Bell.

I trust you’ve been in safe hands with Sarah and Kathryn‘s blogs the past couple of weeks, and have enjoyed catching up with all the exciting Grand Tour updates on social media. I hope if you attended, you took something of value from the show – whether that was new business, ideas or perspective, and I look forward to hearing more about it soon (when I’m back on proper UK hours with the rest of the team)!

Cans have been a great convenience for us on this Aussie trip. They’re nearly always available; we’ve not had to scan the shelves or fridges for options, they’ve been immediately obvious in most shops. And the recycling infrastructure seems good, with plenty of bins about, clearly marked to encourage consumers to use them while out and about, especially by the beaches where bringing your own food and drink is commonplace.

My best canned drink was experienced while we were in Sydney and came from Fellr, a canned Australian alcoholic seltzer brand (see photo above). It felt good to pop open the can and enjoy the view of the iconic Harbour Bridge next to the Opera House (even if it was somewhat cloudy at that point). Sodas and flavoured sparkling waters seem popular choices here.

According to Fellr’s website, the people of Australia ‘measure their life from the company they keep, chasing moments of pure stoke,’ which is pretty much what I’ve been doing this trip, spending time with family, chasing sunny views and good experiences.

It’s a relaxed yet energising way of life here, from what I’ve seen – I could get used to it, if it wasn’t on the other side of the world! Our trip concludes early Saturday morning, so next time I check in for the blog, it will be business as normal.

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