A new issue of CanTech this way comes…

Hello to all, and thanks for your comments on the last issue (my first as editor). It’s always nice to have some feedback – especially when it’s positive, even if it’s not – so much appreciated to all that shared their opinions with us here. Since that issue we have, of course, been hard at […]


It’s common sense people

When it comes to used and refurbished equipment, it’s a common sense choice as far as I can see. What are you in the market for? Is it really worth your while to purchase a brand new machine if a used or refurbished one will suffice? Do you need the latest technology, or is an […]

Coming up…

It’s been just over a week since I officially took on my role at CanTech International and I have to say thank you to everyone for welcoming me so wholeheartedly to the industry. The February issue is nearly ready to go, and we have some very high quality features scheduled for your reading pleasure. Among […]

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A warm hello to you all

Please allow me to introduce myself as the new editor of CanTech International. My name is Richard Piper, and from January of next year I will be taking the reigns of the magazine. My aim is to maintain the very high standards set by my predecessor and to continue to bring you the very latest […]

Expanding the categories for metal closures

The aluminium closures campaign Turn 360˚ is being expanded to spirits, water and oils. In the past few years, the number of aluminium closures used for wines, spirits, table waters, and oils throughout Europe has grown rapidly to a total figure of over 16 billion.   The campaign will highlight the benefits, such as flavour […]

Can initiatives rise to the fore

Industry initiatives that serve to aid the environment and portray the can making sector in a positive light are becoming more and more commonplace, and are – of course – very much welcomed. The latest example is The Great American Can RoundUp Industry Challenge, sponsored by the Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI). Designed to promote awareness […]


Cans Fashion Week

The past few weeks have been particularly busy for the can making industry. In addition to Asia CanTech – which concluded it’s successful three day stay in Indonesia this past week – last week was also designated ‘Canvironment Week’, an annual campaign initiated and promoted by Hindustan Tin Works in India. The initiative aims to […]

Recognising the best in metal

In the October issue of CanTech International, we featured an in-depth look at the ‘next generation food can’ produced by Ardagh in conjunction with vegetable canner Bonduelle. Since going to print at the start of last month, word has reached us that the can has now been formally recognised for its unique properties, and has […]

The growing aerosol agenda

In last month’s issue, we featured an in-depth analysis of the growing aerosol trend, and since going to press, we have been deluged with more positive stories that point towards its rise in prominence. Celebrating a wide array of newly designed aerosols, Aerobal recently held its annual World Aluminium Aerosol Can Awards, which CanTech International […]

Changing perceptions of canned foods

– I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Atit Bhatia – senior vice president of Hindustan Tin Works and member of our editorial advisory board – who provided some great insight into the current state of the can making market in India. Noting the fact that the canned food market in the country is […]

Reflections from Drinktec

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new editor of CanTech International. Having spent the majority of last week in Munich at Drinktec – which, I’m pleased to report, featured a strong can presence through the show – I have already had the opportunity to witness first-hand a range of innovations […]


Carton sustainability marches on

Can makers are going to have to keep on their toes over the next few months as rival packaging mounts more of a recycling drive. It was a surprise to me that the UK, until last week, had no recycling facilities for cartons at all. They were all shipped abroad to be recycled instead. That […]


Heinz PR blitz ahead of job cuts

Three press releases in almost as many days have been released by canned beans and soups giant Heinz. All the releases show the new canned soups the company is bringing out on to the UK market. They all look delicious and it is always good to see more food cans being released. But if you […]

Are cans really that hard to open?

Which? a British magazine famed for campaigning for consumer rights has ‘named and shamed’ cans as the hardest to open packaging. Are cans really that bad? With EOEs it’s pretty easy for even the most infirm to open a three-piece can and two-pieces have had SOT for almost as long as I can remember. On […]

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