Tout arrive en France

We had a very productive show out in Paris for the Aerosol Forum and it was a pleasure to be able to put names to a few faces.

A hazy head

A few weeks ago I broached the subject of New Year’s resolutions and predictably, weight loss and controlling alcohol intake were at the top of the agenda.

In it to win it

It has been a productive few days at Bell towers with regards to the upcoming Euro CanTech 2016 event.

Blue Monday

This week has been a real opportunity to learn from the can making oracle that is Evert Van de Weg. It was a pleasure for us to host Evert during the week and it has further enhanced my view that this industry is a terrific one in which to work in.


Festive cheer

After nearly a month in the job and as we approach the Christmas break, I thought it would be wise to reflect on my first few weeks at CanTech International.

Party time

It’s that time of the year again when the hot topic of conversation at most offices up and down the United Kingdom inevitably turns to the Christmas party and here at Bell Publishing it is certainly no different.