Whilst away on holiday I got to thinking about survival. Why, you may ask, did this cross my mind? Well, I was on a skiing holiday in the Alps and it occurred to me that cans – specifically canned foods – can play an important role when it comes to living in mountain regions, and […]

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En la Ciudad!

Literally translated this title means In the City, and for Barcelona things are livening up ahead of Euro CanTech 2015, as more and more of you are registering to attend as the date draws ever closer. Our speakers, from around the world, are honing their presentations, suppliers are readying table top exhibition materials and can […]

Meet me in St Louis

Last week I travelled to Missouri to visit Roeslein and Associates. The company has been operating for 25 years, and to mark the occasion CanTech has decided to run an article in order to uncover what makes it tick. Have you heard of an integrator? Perhaps you have. But in case you’re unfamiliar it is […]

Aerosol update – Paris

Recently I visited the ADF Aerosol forum in Paris and I have to say it was a day well spent. Having looked around the exhibition and spoken to many of the exhibitors present it seems that aerosols are going from strength to strength. Bag on valve technology was high on the agenda, and a visit to […]

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All aboard for Barcelona

Euro CanTech 2015 is right around the corner and things are hotting up in preparation here at CanTech headquarters. Our speaker slots are fully booked now and the tabletop exhibition is set to be as bustling as always. The line-up is truly fantastic across the board, as we bring together industry professionals to discuss and […]

Fillers: what do you require?

As you know, here at CanTech we are keen to move into new areas in terms of what we cover so that you, our readers, are never left thinking that we are standing still as a publication. To this end, in 2015 we are looking to cover not just the technological side of the business […]


Cheers to craft beers

As we enter 2015 it is set to be another big year for canned craft beer. The US already has 600+ brews being canned on a regular basis and many more are set to follow. The major can makers are regularly reporting on new and interesting brewers buying can stock from them – Tin Man […]


Business as usual

Well, Christmas is done and dusted and here we are back at CanTech HQ to prepare for the first edition of next year. We have some real treats in store for you in 2015, not just from a magazine perspective but also from an events point of view. Euro CanTech, in Barcelona this March, is […]

Thank you very much

2014 has been an exciting year for the metal packaging industry. The rise in popularity of aluminium bottles, thermochromic inks and the trend towards personalisation are of particular note, as well as developments worldwide in terms of new can plant openings and investments in up and coming markets. Most have seen steady growth, while others […]

The restaurant that ‘can’

Canned fish can sometimes be viewed as a slightly lower end product in certain countries. A functional product for that tuna mayonnaise sandwich or a few sardines on toast for a quick snack, but one restaurant pop-up in London’s Soho has been making canned fish ‘sexy’ for the past six months. The idea was hit […]


India: all aboard?

In our upcoming issue, Atit Bhatia of Hindustan Tin Works has written a piece on the future of can making in India. He commented: The Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, envisions a breakthrough in the manufacturing sector. He talks about the concept of “Make in India” as a major indication of his focus to […]

Cans at Christmas

With the festive season fast approaching and preparations well underway, what part will cans play when it comes to your own celebrations this Christmas? Being a devout foodie I will certainly be opening a few myself. Perhaps some duck confit for Christmas Eve, or a few of chestnut purée to add a twist to the […]


Can making or canmaking?

At the recent Latamcan conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, it came to my attention that there are two trains of thought on the way in which we refer to our industry. Is it one word or two? Personally, I would go for the latter. A can, as we know it, is a singular object and therefore […]

Keep it clean

At the recent Asia CanTech conference in Thailand, one of our speakers raised a very interesting topic – namely that of consumers’ attitudes to hygiene. A recent survey showed that close to 60 per cent of people asked were not satisfied with stay-on-tab (SOT) closures as they thought them to be unhygienic. Interestingly, over 30 […]