Waste not…

The can is a master at storing food. It’s the ultimate packaging option in my opinion, offering a safe, easily stackable, long-term storage solution for over 1,500 different kinds of food items. But are there steps that could be taken to improve them still further? One thing that occurred to me recently was that people […]

A tricky little problem

Yesterday I was thinking about my next blog entry and the topic thereof, and it happened to be lunch time. Now, I’m sure many of you are as dedicated to eating canned foods as I am, and to that end it so happened that I was looking forward to a can of sardines to keep […]

How are we doing?

From time to time it’s nice to get a little feedback on what we do here at CanTech International. Not for the purposes of ego boosting you understand, indeed your feedback may be critiscism and would be no less welcome than praise. You, our readers, are the heart and soul of everything we do here […]

It’s the rates that matter

Metal is infinitely recyclable. That’s not under dispute, it’s a fact. But how many times have you heard this phrase bandied about, be it in marketing literature for a promotional campaign or elsewhere? It seems that, too often, we hear of the recyclability of metal in our industry as opposed to what really matters – […]

Under attack!

The editor of a sister publication of ours, Food & Drink Technology, recently attended a conference, at which a presentation was given on the likelihood of the cardboard carton eventually taking over the role of the metal can. As you can imagine, this caused quite some stir in the office and I myself was motivated […]

Stiff competition

When BAA, the British Airports Authority, was deemed to have a monopoly on the UKs airports the Competition Commission stepped in, conducted a full review of the situation, and then promptly ordered it to sell off three facilities to rival companies – two of which were in the London area. If you translate the information […]


Whilst away on holiday I got to thinking about survival. Why, you may ask, did this cross my mind? Well, I was on a skiing holiday in the Alps and it occurred to me that cans – specifically canned foods – can play an important role when it comes to living in mountain regions, and […]

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En la Ciudad!

Literally translated this title means In the City, and for Barcelona things are livening up ahead of Euro CanTech 2015, as more and more of you are registering to attend as the date draws ever closer. Our speakers, from around the world, are honing their presentations, suppliers are readying table top exhibition materials and can […]

Meet me in St Louis

Last week I travelled to Missouri to visit Roeslein and Associates. The company has been operating for 25 years, and to mark the occasion CanTech has decided to run an article in order to uncover what makes it tick. Have you heard of an integrator? Perhaps you have. But in case you’re unfamiliar it is […]

Aerosol update – Paris

Recently I visited the ADF Aerosol forum in Paris and I have to say it was a day well spent. Having looked around the exhibition and spoken to many of the exhibitors present it seems that aerosols are going from strength to strength. Bag on valve technology was high on the agenda, and a visit to […]

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All aboard for Barcelona

Euro CanTech 2015 is right around the corner and things are hotting up in preparation here at CanTech headquarters. Our speaker slots are fully booked now and the tabletop exhibition is set to be as bustling as always. The line-up is truly fantastic across the board, as we bring together industry professionals to discuss and […]