Never-ending recyclability of metal

The Metal Packaging Europe (MPE) has developed a new recycling mark in a bid to highlight the never-ending recyclability of metal. Research from MPE found that consumers do not fully understand the value of recycling or what happens with the metal once it is collected. Research carried out across the UK, France and Spain showed […]


Fifth anniversary for Every Can Counts Initiative

The Every Can Counts drinks can recycling initiative is celebrating its fifth anniversary, having launched in 2009. Since its launch, the initiative has expanded into seven European countries. In the UK the programme is delivered by a funding partnership comprising European and UK beverage can manufacturers, the aluminium packaging recycling industry and drinks brands. There […]

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Young French wooed by wine in cans

France’s traditional reputation as wine loving has come under attack from a rise in sales of beer, spirits and soft drinks. Younger people in the country are moving towards canned drinks and one wine producer feels to keep his market share he must move with the trend. Cédric Segal, co-founder of canned wine company Winestar, […]


The vision to remove 100% of HFIs

Applied Vision’s aim to remove all held for inspection (HFI) stoppages from can lines is moving closer. The company’s KromaKing DecoMaster, has been bought up by both Ball and Crown, and is currently cutting HFIs by an average of 70% in plants where it has been installed. Amir Novini, president and chief executive, Applied Vision, […]

Raise a can to beer

I’ve just finished the May issue of Cantech International this month has a focus on canned beer and it’s been a real pleasure to explore the topic this month. At first glance the market may not seem to be in the best of health but once you’ve spoken to a few people and dug down […]


French authorities confirm BPA risks to unborn babies

Unborn babies face ‘potential risks’ if exposed to bisphenol A (BPA) a chemical commonly used in food cans, a new report claims. Epoxy resins containing BPA have been used as coatings on the inside of many food and beverage cans since the 1950s. Risks to people have been highlighted before, but for the first time […]

March 2013

The latest issue of CanTech International includes features on drying technology for cans, handling and conveying and caps and closures. There is also an in-depth look at the soft drinks market.

UK orders boost Jef Can

China-based decorative can maker Jef Can has received strong demand for its products from UK customers.

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