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“Size does matter” in metal packaging

Size does matter at least when it comes to metal packaging, says Dr Ulrich Roeske, chairman of the executive board of Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein. Speaking at Euro Cantech last week Roeske (pictured), who is at the helm of one of Europe’s largest tinplate suppliers, said “Size does matter especially when it comes to merchants.” Speaking in […]


Euro CanTech open

As all Euro CanTech packages include all entries, meals and accommodation please remember to book your package in advance. It will ensure there are still hotel rooms available, badges are printed in advance and there is no risk of late booking fees. If you are only visiting day passes are also available, click here to […]

Conference season is in full swing

Well it has been great to meet so many of you over the past few weeks and see all the excellent work going on in this industry. Seeing all the work at the IMDA was very inspiring and we’ll be taking this forward at Euro CanTech in just a couple of weeks. I’m really looking […]

June 2013

The June issue of CanTech International features an exclusive look at how a British company dealt with water issues around the installation of a brand new can line in sub-Saharan Africa. You can also read about expansion work at Nampak, Africa’s largest packing business and how they’re converting steel lines to aluminium. There is also […]

APEAL appoints Alexander Mohr as secretary general

APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, has appointed Alexander Mohr as secretary general, effective from this week. Mohr, who will speak at Euro CanTech later this month, joined the association in 2012 as director External affairs. “Apeal has an excellent reputation, both for providing high quality information to European Union stakeholders […]


April 2013

April’s issue looks at environmental initiatives taking place such as the Hindustan Tin Works led Canvironment Week (pages 27 & 28), which seems to have become a truly global event.
Will Geller, general manager North America at Quality by Vision, writes about can seaming inspection (pages 14 & 15) and how technology has transformed this process.
There is also an article by Rich Grimley president and chief executive of Rexam Beverage Can North America (page 31) discussing how the world’s largest canned beverage market is performing and as with most thing what happens in the US often takes place in the rest of the world sooner or later.
David Sterrett, vice president of engineering at Shenandoah Automation, offers his views on autonomous maintenance for can lines (pages 18 & 19) and revealing what a truly difficult and rewarding job working in this industry can be.

New industry event launched

The organisers of the highly successful Asia CanTech conference and exhibition are launching Euro CanTech, which will take place at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, UK from 26-28 June 2013.

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