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Princes pours £319m into tuna market

Princes is investing in the £319 million in the canned tuna market through the launch of a tuna in tomato sauce product and a range of tuna deli-inspired sandwich fillers. Tuna is the largest market in ambient fish in the UK and Princes is aiming to bring innovation to the category by launching a new […]


Brewer introduces canned food

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has unveiled a line of canned food inspired by its ales. The brewer, based in Delaware US, has used ingredients infused with beers, which will be available at select retailers and at the company’s new food truck. The canned line features hard-tack chowder, which is infused with 60 Minute IPA and […]


New look for DWI cans

Ardagh claims to have revolutionised the drawn walled and ironed (DWI) can making process. Its new 400g can, produced for Bonduelle, uses 15% less material due to a 43% reduction in wall thickness. Ardagh estimates if one billion cans were to convert to the new design, the material saving would be equivalent to the weight […]

Global beverage can volumes up 6% for Crown

Strong sales in Brazil and Asia Pacific drove a 6% global volume increase in beverage can sales for Crown. Crown also said European beverage cans posted a strong start to the year with a 4% increase in sales volumes, however sales of canned food on the continent fell 2%. Net sales in the first three […]


Spending on canned food up £2.4bn

Sales of canned food grew faster than any other form of packaging according to new figures. Research released last night (15 April) reveal sales of canned food, in the UK, grew by 4.6% with consumers spending £2.4 billion on canned goods £104.3m more than in 2011. In fact the figures released to mark the start […]

Hees to take the reins at Heinz

Bernardo Hees will become chief executive of Heinz once the iconic canned food business is bought by an investment consortium. The consortium, made up of Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital, confirmed the appointment last night (11 April). Hees, who is 43 years old, will join from his current role as chief executive of Burger King […]

Cans cleared in lead poisoning mystery

Lead poisoning from poorly made cans didn’t wipe out an expedition of Arctic explorers more than 150-years-ago, according to new research. Franklin’s lost expedition was an ill-fated British expedition of 128 men onboard two ships led by Captain Sir John Franklin (pictured) that left England in 1845 and never returned. The accepted theory had been […]

September 2012

The September issue of CanTech International includes articles on China, South Africa and the canned wine market. There is also a look at how leading US canned food manufacturers have united to drive research-based messaging aimed at brands, retailers and consumers.