Crown gambles on games market

The games market is expected to be worth (US)$100 billion by 2015 and Crown would like a piece of it. Analysts attribute the industry’s growth to the combination of a higher standard of living and the increased perception of the importance of pursuing leisurely activities. Crown Speciality Packaging North America, a division of Crown Holdings, […]


Crown boosted by Q2 results

Crown Holdings’ second quarter results showed gross profit improved to US$375 million compared to $340 million in same the period in 2012. The company explained this was primarily due to increased beverage can sales volumes and lower depreciation expense. Overall Crown reported global beverage can volumes were up 3% in the second quarter and up […]

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Canada’s first vented beer can

Canadians will get their first vented beer can after can maker Crown unveiled a new design. Budweiser began a pilot of vented end last month and two of Canada’s top selling brands Coors Light and Molson Canadian. The vented end features a dual aperture opening, meaning it has two holes rather than the one hole […]

Out of Africa

Managing director of Nampak Bevcan, Erik Smuts, tells CanTech International the company started up its new high speed aluminium can line at the beginning of May and plans to increase the operational speed to full production capacity in the third quarter of this year.


Carbon infra-red emitters conquer lacquer problem

A carbon infra-red system from Heraeus Noblelight has solved the problem of curing a lacquer applied to the longitudinal weld of metal containers. The equipment was developed when the existing foil heating system at the Aintree, UK, manufacturing plant of Crown Packaging was unable to meet the stringent curing requirements of a new lacquer formulation. […]

Crown launches sleek format in Asia

Can maker Crown has announced the commercialisation of two sites in southeast Asia. The facilities are in Nong Khae, Thailand and Da Nang, Vietnam. The Nong Khae plant will begin producing beverage cans on one line this month, with the aim of annual production capacity to be 500 million two-piece 33cl aluminum cans. Frank Koh, […]


360 end falling foul of litter laws

Littering laws from the 1960s and 1970s are holding back expansion plans for a US brewer. Sly Fox Brewing Company, which recently introduced the first cans to feature Crown’s 360 end, has run into trouble with some rather old littering laws. It seems quite a few American states have laws making cans that feature detachable […]


The vision to remove 100% of HFIs

Applied Vision’s aim to remove all held for inspection (HFI) stoppages from can lines is moving closer. The company’s KromaKing DecoMaster, has been bought up by both Ball and Crown, and is currently cutting HFIs by an average of 70% in plants where it has been installed. Amir Novini, president and chief executive, Applied Vision, […]

Crown targets olive oil market

Crown targets olive oil market as new research shows demand for the product is thriving worldwide. As consumers on the continent are opting for olive oil more and more over alternative cooking oils, many brands have turned to packaging as a way of appealing to health-conscious individuals while differentiating their products from the competition. Last […]

MPMA and BBC mark 200 years of the can

The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association has joined forces with the BBC to help produce two videos which mark the 200th anniversary of the can this year. Working with Dr Mark Jepson from Loughborough University’s department of materials. How the first tin cans were made recreates the labour intensive manufacture of a single food can. The […]

Crown to close food can plant

More than 100 jobs are to go at Crown Food Europe after the company announced plans to close a plant in Great Britain. In a brief statement a spokeswoman said the company made the move to close the site in Worcester due to a decline in sales in the food-packaging sector. She said, “We can […]

Global beverage can volumes up 6% for Crown

Strong sales in Brazil and Asia Pacific drove a 6% global volume increase in beverage can sales for Crown. Crown also said European beverage cans posted a strong start to the year with a 4% increase in sales volumes, however sales of canned food on the continent fell 2%. Net sales in the first three […]


Pop Art redesign for RC Cola

Pop Art’s influence on the two-piece can has come full circle with a new look for RC Cola cans. Coke cans were the inspiration for many pop artists in the 1950s and it has come full circle with art work inspired by it used on rebranded Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI) cans. The campaign will […]

First can venture for mead maker

Blue Dog Mead is launching its first ever-canned beer for the US market. The 12 oz aluminium cans, which will be made by Crown, will hold the Oregon-based brewer’s Green Collar Mead. Mead, also referred to as ‘honey wine,’ is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of honey and water and has been brewed […]

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