A new addition

As with any business, the time will come for people to move around and occasionally move on to pastures new.

Under attack!

The editor of a sister publication of ours, Food & Drink Technology, recently attended a conference, at which a presentation was given on the likelihood of the cardboard carton eventually taking over the role of the metal can. As you can imagine, this caused quite some stir in the office and I myself was motivated […]

25 years of modular integration

Roeslein & Associates is this year celebrating its 25th Anniversary. CanTech editor Richard Piper travelled to Saint Louis, Missouri, to uncover just what makes this long serving integrator tick.

CanTech sponsors CMB Academy of canmaking

CMB Engineering recently opened the CMB Academy of Canmaking and Seaming in the company’s headquarters at Shipley, Yorkshire. The new Academy – a first in the industry – will serve as a platform to train the company’s existing customer base, offering in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of seaming and canmaking. Present at the opening of […]

What’s the best way to innovate?

I’ve recently been on a whistle-stop tour of can plants and machine manufacturers across the UK and Europe and the question of innovation has cropped up on many occasions. It seems to me, in my short time as editor of CanTech, that the manufacturing process has changed very little over the years. For two-piece, which […]


A new issue of CanTech this way comes…

Hello to all, and thanks for your comments on the last issue (my first as editor). It’s always nice to have some feedback – especially when it’s positive, even if it’s not – so much appreciated to all that shared their opinions with us here. Since that issue we have, of course, been hard at […]


A warm hello to you all

Please allow me to introduce myself as the new editor of CanTech International. My name is Richard Piper, and from January of next year I will be taking the reigns of the magazine. My aim is to maintain the very high standards set by my predecessor and to continue to bring you the very latest […]

Reflections from Drinktec

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new editor of CanTech International. Having spent the majority of last week in Munich at Drinktec – which, I’m pleased to report, featured a strong can presence through the show – I have already had the opportunity to witness first-hand a range of innovations […]


Beer in a can

The mainstream media, at least in the UK and the US, seems to have been packed with opinion pieces over the past few weeks praising canned beer. One columnist in the UK’s Independent newspaper said that anyone who believed beer out of a glass bottle was better than a can was a “snob.” In the […]

Hello and welcome

I’ve just finished my first issue as the new editor of CanTech International and I think it’s a great time to get into the can business. I’m hoping to meet as many of our readers and advertisers as possible in the coming weeks and months and with so many shows coming up it’s another reason […]

September 2011

The September 2011 issue of CanTech International, available online to subscribers.

July/August 2011

Articles in this issue include an interview with Graham Chipchase of Rexam, a look at the impact of aluminium bottles on the marketplace, question time with members of the CanTech International editorial board, some suggestions for cutting costs in the metal packaging industry, and regulars including Candid and Knight’s Knowledge.

All ideas welcomed

You will be hearing more from me from now on as I have recently taken over editorial responsibility for CanTech International. Having previously worked as assistant editor on the magazine, I have already met a number of people in the industry and have been impressed by the passion with which they speak about metal packaging. […]

World Cup fever

With the football World Cup in South Africa now just over two weeks away, most of the staff at Bell are starting to get excited about the possibility of England lifting the famous trophy for only the second time in our history. Obviously we’re just praying none of our games goes to penalties. As the […]


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