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An emerging market

With the economic sanctions looking more and more likely to be lifted, Iran presents a very real and interesting opportunity to businesses – can makers included.

Calling all cans

With our conference approaching fast, so too do the Asia CanTech Awards.

Get with the ‘profile’

September is our Supplier Profile issue, in which the great and the good of the industry are invited to feature within its pages in order to showcase exactly what they can offer.

Safety first

I noticed recently that aside from the obvious business of producing quality products, safety is top of the list of priorities without exception in this business.

Pull the other one

Ring pulls have evolved over the years, from those that pull off to stay-on tabs, to now ones that are capable of puncturing an air hole into the end of the can to make it more effective to pour.

The human element

On a recent factory tour, something occurred to me that raised a rather important question – will the human element continue to be phased out when it comes to manufacturing?

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