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Up and running

Last week, publisher Neil McRitchie and I travelled to Ball Corporation’s European Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, to carry out the first interview in our series for CanTech TV. Jesus Gainza, director of Customer Technical Services (CTS), very kindly agreed to talk to us on camera about the role of his team and how their expertise […]

Creativity is paramount

Keeping packaging fresh and exciting is key to keeping your customers’ brands at the front of consumers minds. I’ve noted this time and again I’m sure, but today I’m at the Packaging Innovations show in Islington, London, and a good look around will tell you that you must be coming up with new ideas all […]

CanTech TV is coming your way

Many of our faithful readers will have noticed that CanTech TV has been providing an outline of the can making process for quite some time now via a series of video clips. Now, as useful as this is to the layperson, we are fairly confident that you’re all au fait with the process by now […]

What’s a can opener?

Last night I had to reach for an object that I had hitherto thought of as obsolete – my can opener. In a world that is geared towards convenience I actually found myself feeling slightly put out by the inconvenience of turning the lever. It sounds lazy doesn’t it? But should the industry be looking […]

Busy times ahead!

As the supplier profile issue has been sent to the printer’s you may have thought that things would relax a little here at CanTech HQ.

Your two cents

Ever get the feeling that nobody is listening to you? No? Neither do I. I am confident you are out there and reading our efforts every month and I hope you are enjoying the content as much as we enjoy putting it together.

A fishy business

Canned seafood products are one of the real mainstays when it comes to canned food, and metal packaging is the ideal container to keep it fresh and nutritious.


Jet set CanTech

It’s certainly been a busy few months for the team here, both in and out of CanTech HQ in south east England. We have been travelling extensively to bring you the very latest stories and updates from around the world and the air miles are indeed stacking up!


A digital age

The buzz word of late appears to be digital. It is no revelation that we are living in a digital age – indeed, if you disagree then I would suggest that you have either been living in a remote part of the jungle or are the most extreme Luddite ever to have wandered the earth – but is it necessarily best?

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Welcome to the fold

Many of you will have noticed that Victoria Brockwell, a familiar face from the CanTech team, has become quite a bit taller recently, as well as somewhat less attractive.

Time for a chat?

With Metpack coming up fast and everyone in the metal packaging industry preparing for the event, how are you looking to maximise your time in Essen? Personally I would like to meet with as many people as possible throughout the week to uncover exactly what you think would benefit you, our readers, in terms of […]

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